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Real Kasaiblea of Gianluca Bergamo

Real Estate Agency Ragusa

...dedication and commitment are of the family
to offer responsible and efficient solutions...

The real estate Kasaiblea was launched in 2013 as a result of decades of experience in the property field of its chief Gianluca Bergamo, whom, pushed by a strong passion and curiosity for this sector decides to move its first steps in local real estate, where from the beginning, He puts himself on the spotlight with succeed becoming pretty soon from agency collaborator to manager branch, increasing over the years his own experience and competence baggages.

Kasaiblea is a real estate that goes further to offer to its customers a simple service of negotiation and rent, but thanks, also to the collaboration undertake with several experts, guarantees preparation and competence technical-legal offering an “all- round service” following the customer in all property services such as: Cadastre, Division, Building Sanction, Energetic Certification and Planning.

The truly point of strength of Kasaiblea, however, is in culture of service, obtained through dedication and the commitment of both the chief and its collaborators that, intended to satisfy needs of its customers. Their steady commitment to offer responsible and efficient solution, suggesting always professional, cordial and available, establishing with them a loyalty long-term relationship.

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